Vermont Crime Report

The Vermont Crime Report is published annually by the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC).  It is usually published during the second quarter and reflects data compliled for the previous calendar year.  The report reflects crime rates, crime trends and points out any significant changes in criminal activity. 

Navigation through this site is accomplished by selecting various options from the menus at the right.  By selecting "Vermont Crime Report" you will be presented with a menu that will allow you to access information released in annual reports back to 1997. 

The method of reporting has changed over the years and Vermont has migrated from summary based reporting to incident based reporting and the changes and transition information is available in the menu selections for each specific year.

The statistical data associated with the report will be available in various forms depending on the year of the report.  For interactive data analysis for 2004 and later select the menu item "Vermont Crime On-Line (VCON).