Marijuana Dispensary Information

These rules are intended to implement the provisions of Title 18 Chapter 86 Vermont’s therapeutic use of cannabis as they pertain to the registered patient’s, caregivers and the creation of four marijuana dispensaries. If any of these rules contradict the provisions of Title 18 Chapter 86, then the language in Title 18 Chapter 86 shall prevail. This program shall be referred to as the Vermont Marijuana Program  (VMP). The rules include definitions of terms, and identification of debilitating medical conditions for which the use of marijuana is authorized. They also include procedures for issuing a certificate of registration to a dispensary, and registry identification cards to qualified patients, caregivers, staff of hospice providers and nursing facilities, and qualified principal officers, board members and employees of dispensaries. The VMP rules also govern confidentiality, payments of fees, and enforcement of these rules.

Please note that final application materials for those interested in submitting a Marijuana Dispensary application to the state are now available.  They are accessable via the menu to the right.
For any questions concerning the Marijuana Dispensary process or program please contact:
Lindsey Wells
Vermont Criminal Information Center