Registered Dispensary Information

Dispensaries registered with the Department are non-profit entities that may acquire, possess, cultivate, manufacture, transfer, transport, supply, sell, or dispense marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and marijuana-related supplies to registered patients and their caregivers who have designated that dispensary. A registered patient may obtain marijuana only from their designated dispensary. A registered patient and his or her caregiver may not cultivate marijuana for symptom relief if the registered patient designates a dispensary. The Department has issued four dispensary registration certificates. In accordance with 18 V.S.A. Chapter 86, no more than four dispensaries shall hold valid registration certificates at one time. The Department will publish an announcement when opening the application period for dispensary registration certificates, including the application requirements and deadline for acceptance of applications.

Contact the Marijuana Registry if you have any questions concerning registrered dispensaries or the program via the information below:

802-241-5115 (phone)

802-241-5552 (fax) (email)