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Registration Requirements


Those individuals who are mandated to register with the Vermont Sexual Offender Registry must comply with the following requirements:

Registrants must inform the registry within three (3) days of any change to their information: address (including moving out of state), employment, school, if there is anyone under 18 living in the household and telephone number. Registrants without a permanent address (homeless) must contact the VT SOR daily.

If an offender is designated as a high-risk sex offender by the VT Department of Corrections (VT DOC), that person shall report any changes of address to the VT SOR within 36 hours.

If an offender is designated by the VT DOC as a noncompliant high-risk sex offender please refer to additional reporting requirements here.

Within 10 days of their birthday registrants receive an annual letter from VCIC verifying their current information. They must complete the form, update their yearly photo and return it to VCIC within 10 days after their birthdate. Please refer to the following contact information on availability of scheduling an updated photo and form verification