Community Notification

Members of the public may contact their local law enforcement agency or VCIC at 802-241-5400 if they have concerns about persons who may be registered with the Vermont Sex Offender Registry.

Normal Notification

Under “Normal Notification” standards, the following information regarding an offender can be released to a member of the public if the caller can articulate a public safety concern regarding themselves or another person:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • General physical description
  • Date & nature of offense
  • Whether or not the offender has complied with treatment requirements
  • Whether or not there is an outstanding warrant for the offender for violation of Registry requirements.

Heightened Notification

The Sex Offender Registry law specifies that for certain registrants designated as having a “Heightened Notification Level” it is NOT necessary for the caller to have a public safety concern for requesting information. In these cases additional information about a registrant will also be released.

Registrants who have a “Heightened Notification Level” include individuals who meet any of the following conditions:

  • Convicted of aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping & sexual assault of a child, or sexual activity with a vulnerable adult.
  • Sexual recidivist
  • Wanted for violation of Registry requirements
  • Sexual predator
  • Designated as “high risk” by the Department of Corrections
  • Non-compliant with sex offender treatment
  • An out-of-state conviction that meets Vermont requirements

Upon any request from an individual concerning an offender in a “Heightened Notification Level” category, the following information shall be released:

  • Name
  • The offender’s known aliases
  • Date of birth
  • General description
  • Town of residence
  • Date and nature of offense
  • Name and phone number of the Department of Correction office that is supervising the offender
  • Whether or not the offender has complied with treatment requirements
  • Whether or not there is an outstanding warrant for the offender for violation of Registry requirements.
  • The reason for the offender’s Heightened Notification Category

Proactive Notification By Law Enforcement

Community notification by local law enforcement agencies is not required by law. Law enforcement agencies, however, may notify members of the public who are likely to encounter a sex offender who poses a danger to their safety. This means, for example, that a law enforcement agency may notify neighbors or perhaps a neighborhood day-care center or local school if a pedophile were to move into the area. It might be appropriate to notify the management at an offender’s place of work if the offender had a history of violent sexual crimes against adults.

Law enforcement may also conduct broader community notification beyond persons who are likely to encounter a sex offender but only under circumstances which constitute a compelling risk to public safety and only after consultation with VCIC and the Department of Corrections.

VCIC has developed an educational presentation for law enforcement and communities to help them better understand the Sex Offender Registry laws for the State of Vermont. It was also designed to give communities facts about sex offenders. This Sex Offender Awareness Guide presentation is available to view or download online by visiting the Vermont Sex Offender Public Website.  To schedule or inquire about a Community Training Event, you may contact your local law enforcement agency.

Visit the Vermont Sex Offender Public Website

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