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Identification and Fingerprints

The Vermont Crime Infomation Center is the statewide repository for fingerprints and mugshots taken pursuant to arrest. The State Identification Bureau is part of the tri-state Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) that includes Maine and New Hampshire. All incoming fingerprints are searched for positive identification and previous records in the tri-state database as well as the FBI IAFIS database.

Biometric information (fingerprints, palm prints, and mugshots) is collected using a Live Scan and submitted electronically, or via hardcopy using the ink and roll method for collection and mailed to the Vermont State Identification Bureau. These submissions are reviewed, classified, searched, and submitted to the Tri-State AFIS database and the FBI IAFIS database.

The information returned by the system is critical to the law enforcement community in Vermont in that it provides information regarding any previous involvement of the subject with the law enforcement community as well as positively identifying the arrestee. Biometric information updates existing Vermont criminal history records with the submitted criminal activity and creates new criminal history records in the Vermont criminal history database.

Law Enforcement Agencies can order fingerprint cards directly from the FBI.