Identification and Fingerprints

During the current COVID-19 outbreak please contact Identification Centers directly to inquire about fingerprinting availability due to schedule modifications or restrictions.

List of County Identification Centers

The Vermont Crime Infomation Center is the statewide repository for fingerprints and mugshots taken pursuant to arrest.  The information is collected via hardcopy (ink rolled prints) or digital scanned images and provided to VCIC where the information is reviewed, classified and searched (manually or electronically).  The State Identification Bureau is part of the tri-state Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) that includes Maine and New Hampshire.  All incoming fingerprints are searched for positive identification and previous records in the tri-state database as well as the FBI IAFIS database.

The information returned by the system is critical to the law enforcement community in Vermont in that it provides information regarding any previous involvement of the subject with the law enforcement community as well as positively identifying the arrestee.


Fingerprint identification is the method of identification using the impressions made by the minute ridge formations and/or pattern found on the first joint of the fingers. No two persons have ever been found to have exactly the same fingerprint. The fingerprints of any one individual remain unchanged throughout life.

By examining and comparing fingerprints officials can establish absolute proof of the identity of a person.

Fingerprints can be recorded on a standard fingerprint card. The fingers are inked and then transferred to the card to be recorded, or they can be recorded digitally and transmitted electronically.

Law enforcement agencies with livescans can record fingerprints digitally. Those with the proper network connection are able to immediately transmit them electronically to VCIC and the FBI. The criminal fingerprints (if of acceptable quality) are then added to the tri-state AFIS database. The remaining agencies submit them to VCIC and they are scanned, submitted to the FBI and added to the tri-state AFIS database.


Normally facial images of a subject (mugshots) are taken at the time of arrest.  Frontal and profile images are taken if possible and are submitted to VCIC along with the associated fingerprints.  Mugshots received digitally are retained in the tri-state AFIS database with the demographic information associated with the mugshot.  A copy of the images and the data are automatically sent to the VCIC mugshot repository.  Images in the VCIC mugshot repository are then available to be attached to the Vermont Criminal History record or to be used by law enforcement for investigative purposes.

Applicant Fingerprint Cards

The VCIC also processes applicant fingerprint cards.  When an individual applies for certain types of employment the agency may be required by law to have the applicant undergo a fingerprint supported record check.  The individual then needs to report to a Fingerprint Identification Center and be fingerprinted (a list of Fingerprint Identification Centers can be found here).  There is a cost associated with the taking and processing of fingerprints.

Submitted fingerprint cards are processed normally however at this time Vermont does not retain applicant fingerprint information in the tri-state AFIS system.  Once the applicant process is completed the fingerprints are destroyed.

FBI Personal Record Checks

The VCIC does not take fingerprints nor does it process any personal requests for fingerprint based criminal history information. If an individual needs or wants a fingerprint supported record check from the FBI then they must make that request directly to the FBI. The request must be accompanied by satisfactory proof of identity consisting of:

  • Full name, first, middle and last and any aliases
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • A set of legible fingerprints
  • Certified check or money order for the $18 processing fee made out to FBI CJIS

Requests should be mailed to:

FBI CJIS Division
Attn: SCU, Module D-2
1000 Custer Hollow Rd
Clarksburg, West VA 26306

If there is no criminal record, a report reflecting this fact is provided.
The FBI will not provide copies of arrest records to individuals other than the subject of the record.

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