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Non Criminal Fingerprints

Applicant Fingerprint Cards

VCIC processes applicant fingerprint cards.  When an individual applies for certain types of employment the agency may be required by law to have the applicant undergo a fingerprint supported record check.  The individual then needs to report to a Fingerprint Identification Center and be fingerprinted (a list of Fingerprint Identification Centers can be found here).  There is a cost associated with the taking and processing of fingerprints.

Submitted fingerprint cards are processed and responses are returned to the requesting agency. Currently Vermont does not retain applicant fingerprint information in the tri-state AFIS system.  Once the applicant process is completed the fingerprints are destroyed.

FBI Personal Record Checks

The VCIC does not take fingerprints nor does it process any personal requests for fingerprint based criminal history information. If an individual needs or wants a fingerprint supported record check from the FBI then they must make that request directly to the FBI