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Criminal History Repository

The Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC) is the repository of all criminal record information generated by criminal justice agencies statewide. VCIC consolidates and verifies arrest, prosecution, sentencing, and correctional information provided by other agencies into a criminal history format which documents a subject's contacts with the criminal justice system in Vermont.

What does the VCIC Criminal History Repository contain?

  • Information documenting an individual’s contact with the criminal justice system including:
    • identification
    • arrest
    • citation
    • arraignment
    • judicial disposition
    • custody
    • supervision

What information is not included in the VCIC Criminal History Repository?

  • Motor vehicle offenses such as DWI, DLS, C&N, Vehicular Homicide which were arraigned prior to September 1, 1995
  • Charges that were arraigned in Family Court, the Traffic Ticket Bureau or the Municipal Ordinance Bureau
  • Records of juveniles unless the juvenile was prosecuted in District Court as an adult
  • Out-of-state charges
  • Charges that were expunged