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Click here if you do not require a notarized/certified letter and you will open the Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Internet Service (VCCRIS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Changed?

Pursuant to changes made to Title 20, Chapter 117, Section 2056(c) during the 2007 - 2008 legislative session, a person may obtain from the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC) a criminal conviction record for any purpose provided the requestor has filed a user agreement with VCIC. This means that the conviction records on file at VCIC will be open and available to the public effective July 1, 2008. Please note that the procedures described herein apply only to Vermont criminal conviction searches and not to national record checks acquired from the FBI.

If you are an employer whose primary purpose is to provide care or care placement services to vulnerable populations and you require a nationwide search of all 50 states through the FBI, click here.

Why should you get criminal records from VCIC?

  • VCIC is the only official source for statewide criminal history information from the State of Vermont.
  • VCIC records are identity based, which means that when information is added to a subject’s record, an identity verification takes place before the information can be associated with the record. Court records are case or docket based, which means that any information associated with a case or docket number is included with that record without verification of the identity of the persons involved in the case. If there is an error in a Court record because of identity fraud or clerical error, it is likely to be duplicated in the online database of an Internet record checking company, resulting in a false positive or negative hit. The error could be so significant it results in loss of employment, or failure to disclose a serious conviction. This is a serious liability for an employer.
  • VCIC personnel are trained to maintain a high standard of quality control thus ensuring the record information is the most accurate possible.
  • Requestors are provided with a valuable risk assessment tool that allows them another method to evaluate the risk that a potential candidate for employment or a volunteer position poses to their organization. This type of risk assessment is a key component of a comprehensive fitness evaluation process.
  • Criminal conviction searches reduce negligent hiring liability and in some cases insurance costs.
  • A criminal conviction search can provide an employer with information to use as an assessment tool for determining an employee’s or volunteer’s suitability for a specific job and help safeguard against issues such as:
    • Theft, embezzlement or other pilferage of company assets- including but not limited to computer systems, copyrights, customer lists and trade secrets
    • Employee conflicts
    • Employee positioning for access to potential victims.
    • Assaults and crimes against other employees.

What is a Request Form?

This document serves two purposes:

  • It serves as a user agreement, and details inappropriate use of criminal conviction information.
  • It serves as the form on which you list the name and date of birth of the person you wish to do a criminal conviction search on.

You are encouraged to be sure that the name and date of birth on this form is accurate. The information you receive as a result of the record check is only as accurate as the information provided on the request form. The request form must be filled out legibly in blue or black ink. Required fields are marked. Any request form received which does not have at least the name and date of birth of the subject of the request, and which does not have the Access to Criminal Conviction Information Terms and Conditions portion filled out and signed by the requestor will be returned unprocessed.

Why do I Need a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE)

A self addressed, stamped envelope is required to facilitate the return of your requests. You may submit more than one request at a time. Please be sure that your envelope and postage are sufficient to return the requests to you with allowances for those subjects who might have convictions.

What is the Fee?

$30.00 (thirty dollars) Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders only made out to the Department of Public Safety.  VCIC will accept a single check for multiple requests as long as the amount of the check is consistent with the number of requests. We do not have the resources to handle prepayments or credits. No personal/business checks accepted.

What Will be the Processing Time?

5 – 7 Business days

Am I Required to Keep the Information Confidential?

  • Disclosure of the contents of the criminal conviction searches to anyone other than the subject of the record, or properly designated employees of any agency with a documented need to know the contents of the record is prohibited.
  • Alteration or modification of any report received as a result of a criminal conviction search is strictly prohibited by law.
  • No person entitled to receive a criminal conviction record shall require an applicant to obtain, submit personally, or pay for a copy of his or her criminal conviction record.

How do I Read a Criminal Conviction Report?

Example Of A Criminal Conviction Report:

The criminal conviction information received from VCIC will be in a format which is intuitive and easy to understand. Information included is:

  • The name of the subject of the search;
  • The date of birth of the subject; and
  • The subject’s record of convictions.

The record of convictions will include:

  • The date of the conviction;
  • the county in which the subject was convicted;
  • the offense for which the subject was convicted;
  • the conviction level; and
  • the sentence or penalty which was given to the subject as a result of the conviction. Multiple convictions will be separated.

Quick Reference Guide For Submitting Requests To VCIC

  • Review all reference materials provided by the Vermont Criminal Information Center.
  • Fill out Request Form legibly with at least the name and date of birth of the subject of the search. Social Security numbers are helpful, but not required.
  • Send the request forms, appropriate fee ($30 each) and self addressed, stamped envelope to VCIC: